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prophetepiphany's Journal

Laura Ise-i'let [BSG]
22 December
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· Laura Roslin-Ise-i'let ·

Name: Laura Roslin
Age: 46
Rank: President of the 12 Colonies of Kobal
Physical Description: Red hair, green eyes. Approximately 5'7, well toned.
Spouse: Joslire Ise-i'let
Brief Bio: Laura Roslin was the eldest of two sisters who were killed in a car accident along with their father. Prior to that, she lost her mother to breast cancer. Giving up teaching for politics, she become the Secretary of Education until the Cylons destroyed the twelve colonies and all hell broke loose. In the slight refuge of space she was sworn in as the President, and together with Bill Adama led what was left of humanity to a planet they later called Earth.

· hearts & minds ·

Laura has been in the village twice now. Her first arrival was just after the trial of Gaius Baltar, and in that time she met her husband, Joslire. She left a year later and died in her home world, only to reappear in the village. She took over the bakery and a few weeks later discovered that she was pregnant. On September 5th, 2009, she welcomed daughter Laila Andrea to the world with her husband. She plans to possibly return to teaching, but is for now content with baking day in and day out.

· disclaimer ·

I am in no way affiliated with Battlestar Galactica, Syfy, Universal, David Eick, Ronald Moore, or Mary McDonnall. This journal is for role play purposes only.

· Voicemail ·
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